Interior Design is the profession or art of designing the layout and furnishing of the interior of a space.

Why Hire an Interior Designer ?
An interior designer can save substantial money and time for a client. A designer is trained to prepare a plan for a complete project. Most people are unable to consider the myriad of details related to interior design and subsequently spend their entire budget prior to completing the job. Compounding this problem is the high possibility of making a costly mistake: a poor choice in flooring, tile, and/or window treatments; an expensive piece of furniture too large for the space; or a color scheme that doesn’t work.

In addition, designers have entrée into a vast variety of resources, frequently at costs far below those available to the retail customer. In most cases a percentage of their discount is passed along to their client.

Additionally, the advantage of employing a designer comes into play when a house is sold. The appropriate materials on the walls, floors, and windows, as well as kitchen and bathroom appointments, will more than pay for themselves in the appreciated value of the property.